Facebook and extortion

I’ve recently started an ‘official’ PurpleMentat Gaming Facebook page. Some of you may be wondering, “Didn’t you already have a page on Facebook?” There was a page made in my name by a YouTuber known as Ogreboy. He’s signed about half of the posts on that page with that name, and I’ve mostly ignored it until now. Recently, I learned has also used this page to promote a server I am not part of, and has rehosted my copyrighted images without permission. I’m now going public with my request to have the page alternatively deleted or put under my sole control so that I can delete it. I’m sharing here the conversation I had with him last August, when I originally made this request:

Conversation started August 28, 2014
8/28, 2:20pm
Hello whoever-you-are,

I am respectfully requesting you either delete this page or transfer it’s administration to me. The videos and photos being posted are my intellectual property, and I do not appreciate their use by an individual other than myself who is masquerading as me.

Thank you.

August 28, 2014

8/28, 5:41pm
Hello PurpleMentat,

8/28, 6:14pm
As an admin of this page I can grant you rank of editor. As editor you can edit the Page, send messages and post as the Page, create ads, see which admin created a post or comment, and view insights. I watched all your videos and subscribed you when you had less than 1k subscribers. I also promoted your channel wherever I could, as I am responsible for lots of subscribers to your channel. Therefor i just want to take a small part in your carrier and be admin of this page. I will never do anything bad for your channel on this page, I give you my word. You can see history of this page, that I did only promote your channel and nothing else. About me: If I had money or pay-pall card , I would support you on patreon with some money, because you deserve it. But I really don’t, as I am poor and work hard to earn for my life. In the other hand I found myself in minecraft world where I enjoy to record and share my gaming passion with audience same as you. My channel has about 300 subs and I started with recordings from January this year. But I am not giving up. I record and play whenever I can, and I hope some day I will be as 1/10 popular as your channel is. I could speak a lot more but I dont want to waste your time. If you are kind you will accept my terms and become editor of this page. Both of us will promote your channel here and post news from it. If you do, than I need your e-mail address so I can grant you perms. Thank you for! Best regards!

8/28, 6:19pm
That is not acceptable. I cannot trust you to represent me properly, as you did not request permission to create this page, and you did not consult me when using this page to promote your own content. Then, you came into my livestream, and shared my personal information with the audience when I have made VERY clear to everyone that I wish to avoid having that information shared. Delete the page, or make me administrator.

8/28, 6:27pm
If you really want administrator of this page than I have only one condition:

8/28, 6:31pm
I’m waiting.

8/28, 6:38pm
Acctually few terms. Accept my Ice Bucket Challenge and make video in minecraft, not in real life. In the video you must say that you accept my challenge, and name me as “Ogreboy”. Than tell people that they can jump to my channel and give me a subscribe, because I am a good guy and I need a little support or something. You can think something better if you want…. Also put a link to my channel in description of video. https://www.youtube.com/user/ogreslash and if possible add my channel to your “Other Awesome MineCrafters”. Thank you for understanding !

8/28, 6:40pm
No. I do not accept your conditions. You are attempting to hold my business identity hostage so that I will promote your content. That is immoral and illegal.

Just so you know your position, you are using copyrighted materials belonging to me without permission. You are in violation of international copyright law. I don’t actually need your help taking over this Facebook page. I contacted you as a courtesy so you would have the chance to make this right before I had to contact Facebook with legal documents. This is your final warning before I proceed.

8/28, 6:59pm
All content from this page has been deleted. Forget the Ice Bucket Challenge, I know it is not possible. Forget the law things and accept my last offer. Add my channel in your “Other Awesome MineCrafters”. Thats the only thing I ask from you. Once you do that, page will be only yours. I taught i can gain your trust but I see that its not possible, even tho I have no evil attentions.

Here is where I left it, thinking this was the last of it. Nothing was done on the page for months. When links began appearing again, they were simple links to my videos with no comment or other interaction I could see. This fell within acceptable boundaries as far as I was concerned.

This changed on January 9th, when he began using my copyrighted artwork as a banner on the page. On February 14th this reached a breaking point, when he began promoting a YouTuber server on the fan page feed. He had also ceased posting videos there. In all, it was a sloppy showing for my branding. So, I began to weigh my options.

I had contacted Facebook regarding the page’s removal. Without expensive legal paperwork, they were only willing to enforce the removal of any content that is clearly under my copyright. I knew this mean that only the banner image would be gone, and OgreBoy would still have control over my identity on Facebook. So, today, I launch a two pronged initiative to solve this issue with finality.

1) Go to the court of public opinion. Minecraft is a small place. In respect to Ogreboy being another starting YouTuber, I didn’t take this fight public beforehand. Now he gets to reap the rewards of these actions.

2) Create an official PurpleMentat Gaming Facebook fan page, owned by myself and administered by whatever trustworthy rube helper I can convince to assist me. There’s a short list that’s being checked. If I need more, I’ll put out a post and we’ll vet you.

So there’s the story. At the moment, the state of the PurpleMentat facebook page is in flux. If the world is just, it will cease to exist in the very near future, and Facebook fans can find me at the link above. This has been a lingering thorn in my side for six months now, and I’ll be glad to have it gone. I dearly hope that I don’t suffer any backlash from this at the hands of OgerBoy. He has access to personal knowledge of me, like my legal name and address, that could be used against me. However, controlling my identity on the internet is important enough to me to ignore that (hopefully imagined) threat.

Sorry to air this dirty laundry folks. Drama is never fun.

UPDATE: The page is now in the hands of PurpleMentat Gaming. 😉

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