Mentat News – June 2015 Edition

Greetings Gamers!

Welcome to the June 2015 Edition of Mentat News!

Server News

The whitelist has been reset. Let us know if this has caused any problems for you.

We still have the Sky Factory 2 server and the Vanilla server. We have a page here on the site for all of the server information you could possibly want or need. Well, maybe not all of it, but close enough. And you can always contact us for more information.

Also, we now have a Starbound server courtesy of Evrlost and myself. If you are a patron, you should have been e-mailed the connection information. The 7 Days to Die Server has been shut down since no one was playing on it. We hope to see more people on the Starbound server.

PurpleMentat News

As a lot of you may know, if you follow his Twitter (, PurpleMentat has been dealing with moving to a new apartment for the last few weeks. Anyone who has moved before (and I’ve done it often) knows that it’s a pain to do so. But expect him to be producing more gaming content within the next few days as he’s finally settling in and getting everything running as it should.

Thanks again for your support!

Chief Minion

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