Mentat News – April 2015 Edition


Server News

Everyone should know by now that the PurplePatron server has been updated to the latest Regrowth version which is 0.7.4. If you are having problems with the update, please contact server support.

The whitelist has also been reset. If you don’t have access but have pledged or tipped, please contact server support.

Health News

PurpleMentat and Apollocat have contracted a stomach flu. As I’ve recently been through one of those, I can understand how rough that can be. Also, it is taking a lot more for him to adjust to his new medications. Either of these would be tough to deal with, but having them both at the same time is double the rough.

Channel News

So that brings us to channel news for the moment. Considering the health problems PurpleMentat is facing at this time, there will probably be a lack of videos for a bit. Please give him time to recover. He may be “superman” at doing videos… but he’s still a human being who needs rest when sick.

Thanks for your patronage and your time,
Chief Minion
PurpleMentat Gaming

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