Mentat News – June 2015 Update

UPDATE 6/22/2015

Just a quick note to tell you that we will NOT be launching the ARK server today. We will still launch it, but we want to take a few days to make sure the launch goes smoothly. We are prepping the server and deciding on the rules, etc. Expect the launch to be very soon.

Greetings Gamers!

Welcome to the June 2015 Update!

Server News

Well, patrons, we just keep getting luckier and luckier. When you look at the servers page, you’ll see that we have a modded Minecraft server (currently running Sky Factory), a vanilla Minecraft server, and a recently added Starbound server. We now have a fourth server, or will on Monday. The patrons will have an ARK: Survival Evolved server as of Monday, June 22nd, 2015. We have found we love this game and really want to play with the patrons. And guess what? Soon all of these games, and not just Minecraft, will be available from Akliz. They are so amazing!

Channel News

And that makes for a nice segue into channel news. Why? Because PurpleMentat will be streaming from the ARK server and will also do a Let’s Play series on it. Isn’t that awesome?! I know I’m excited! And speaking of streaming and recording, he will also be getting back to Regrowth. ThePhoenixLodge has done some amazing things with it and PurpleMentat is excited to go play with the new toys and recipes. And finally, the Blightfall series PurpleMentat has been working on with some of the patrons will finally be available very soon. He’s a little behind the others playing on the server, but he’ll get caught up.

Also, he needs your help to determine his new streaming schedule. Please follow this link and submit your vote:

Life News

PurpleMentat has been moving and dealing with getting new services and such. He has made me very jealous with his new 150 down/150 up internet service. It is FioS from Verizon. And you can tell the difference just in his streams. Everything has much less delay. It is amazing and will be quite useful for Twitch and YouTube. He is almost completely set up in his new office. I’m looking forward to a video “house tour.” Maybe I’ll try and talk him into one (Hint, hint, if you’re reading this, PurpleMentat).

Pet News

PurpleMentat and ApolloCat have been wanting pets for quite some time. Specifically cats. And now that the move has been successful, they have finally acquired their dream. The new place allows pets. So, let me introduce them to you:



Aren’t they just so cute?!

Thanks again for your support! Until next time,

Chief Minion

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